Soul Friend

They say each tree grows in its own shadow
But we are strange trees you and me
For I am entwined to you stem and roots;
Someone passing by
Would swear we are one tree
and lose that bet
But my bark is rough and yours smooth
Your leaves are the shape of the heart
and mine the shape of an arrow head

all striving for light

Crossroads Park

At a highway crossroads
Leading out of this City
There is a tiny little park
Where maidservants on their off day
go to meet their sweethearts.
Amidst the noise and dust
the fumes of the passing cars
the shrubs and trees
which might have otherwise been beautiful
are coated with thick dust.
Intimacy is brewed and thrives here
every sunny Sunday afternoon,
and one passes by without taking notice
only once in a while an estranged heart such as mine
stops to wonder with admiration
how this love thrives and holds its own
in this noisy, dusty and soulless city of ours.

Secret Affair

It rained hard last night

The ran off has bit a side of the hill

and exposed a secret affair

that we suspected all along

the roots of a stout tree

hugging the side rocks of the exposed hill

naked and bare the lovers hold still.

The tree slightly sways in the wind

like nothing has happened

we pass by amazed at this union

that makes the tree ever firm

and the ground hold.

This secret love affair

Doing so much

For so many

For so long

And not seeking renown


PS: Photo by Yours Truly.