Tell me your sorrow.

Life is sand slipping through our fingers

Ours is to love an make the most of it

Why do you sit there bowed in silence?

Too sad that nobody can reach you

We can’t live like this

Please, tell me your sorrow.


Burning love

I am a closed bud

I am dry wood

And no one knows

How much of love is inside

So when I get a chance to kindness

I am opened by the need of love

I bloom colourful

Like the vast yellow meadows

I am lit with the fire of desire

And I burn bright

With the radiance of a hundred suns

Graceless Vanity

Paint your faces with chalk and soot

Scorch your drums by the hearth

And hit them torn tonight

When the masquerade of spirits shall pass

Lest you be dragged to the underworld

For you have fallen in love

With all the things in life that destroy men

You have parted honey from comb

Now flee from the stinging wind

Your world is turned upside down

The sky is a turbulent sea

Dropping wrecks of ships on your heads

Your ships of vanity

And now you sift the shore sands

Grain by grain looking for grace


Turns out.

I thought some things were so important and valuable

Turns out they are not

Believed some people to be so wise and distinguished

Turns out they don’t know what they are doing

Turns out the most important thing is love

And the most valuable is life

That the wisest man is out somewhere in the yard

Feeding the birds

Or out in the field playing catch me with children

Joining in their songs of play

Making faces at each other.

Are You here?

Where are You?

Is it beyond the blue haze

Of those distant hills

I want to be a servant in your garden

Are You here?

Where climber vines swallow up everything

And blots out the world of men

Where aloe blossoms with thorny edges

Where without marble and tar

The oak raises a mansion against the sky

For a heaven of birds.

Are you in the glory of morn?

In the blush of the violets

As the sun lifts the veil off its bride’s face,

the trees shriek anxiously

like they want to talk

is that You?

Are You here?

O have mercy on Your poor servant

If in my past life

I hadn’t paused at the jasmine valley

To take in the fragrance in gratitude

Have mercy on my ignorant soul

I bury my head in repentant dust.