Zindzile V

Many a day and night I hoped – a lover forlorn

And my incessant passions dwelt for long

On the wind creations of fairy airs

As vivid as the brave imagination dares

And there I dwelt among silent groves

Whispering steaming words to a cold world

My hand clasps missing the fleeting doves

My fiery touch melting female figures of wax mold

Eventually did I burst out of this lonely dream  

And finally did I find my beautiful — my isle girl

O I want to sing and dance and whirl

Having tasted love I want to shout and scream

My Zindzile– it is more delightful to wait on a lover real

Than fading images without the lover’s feel

Nameless Island

a labyrinth of eroded gullies

lead us into the open sea

the sun on our face

and water birds over our heads

leaving our clothes in a trail at shore

we went in for a swim

spread across the blue waters


a fishing boat cruised by

and we begged the fishermen

“please give us a ride out west

there is a nameless island out there

the dwellers of the island they say

dance and play music all day”


the astonished men in amazement asked

“but what will you wear

your clothes lie empty at shore”

“we will not need any covering” we said

in that island they say there is nothing to hide