Nameless Island

a labyrinth of eroded gullies

lead us into the open sea

the sun on our face

and water birds over our heads

leaving our clothes in a trail at shore

we went in for a swim

spread across the blue waters


a fishing boat cruised by

and we begged the fishermen

“please give us a ride out west

there is a nameless island out there

the dwellers of the island they say

dance and play music all day”


the astonished men in amazement asked

“but what will you wear

your clothes lie empty at shore”

“we will not need any covering” we said

in that island they say there is nothing to hide

Passing Storm

I went out into the woods

An expanse fresh air after rain

Sat on a stone under a pine tree

and pondered my wretched state

The soft winds wafted by

and I was drenched in teary showers

That awoke me from my pondered state

to unseat my chin from my palm.

Like the pining tree

Having been steadfast in the storm

Wept in the soft wind

After the storm is long gone

This too shall pass

The wanderer’s mission.

A voice whispered in the night

And with assuring command bid me leave

I adamant continued my sleep

And in the quiet of dawn

A Churning whirlwind passed by

Nothing remains of my hut.


Now I wander in the woods

Enjoying odor of fresh pine

Spilling dew off flowers

Now I wander the grazing fields

Waking the little shepherd boy

Who has fallen fast asleep

On the back of a grazing ox

Now I wander in desolate homesteads

Receiving alms of food and drink

And back on my way again

Undressing the cob in haste

Just to savour it a grain per mile.


So I’ll wander on riding on kindness,

Till I have built a warm hut in every heart,

For all wanderers coming after.

Then the churning whirlwind will come again

And clear all sorrows away

Then the whisper in the night

Will call me back home.



PS; Illustration is a picture yours truly hehe.