Are You here?

Where are You?

Is it beyond the blue haze

Of those distant hills

I want to be a servant in your garden

Are You here?

Where climber vines swallow up everything

And blots out the world of men

Where aloe blossoms with thorny edges

Where without marble and tar

The oak raises a mansion against the sky

For a heaven of birds.

Are you in the glory of morn?

In the blush of the violets

As the sun lifts the veil off its bride’s face,

the trees shriek anxiously

like they want to talk

is that You?

Are You here?

O have mercy on Your poor servant

If in my past life

I hadn’t paused at the jasmine valley

To take in the fragrance in gratitude

Have mercy on my ignorant soul

I bury my head in repentant dust.



Haiku #2

She bought a caged bird today

Opened the cage’s tiny door

And set the poor bird free.


(in loving memory of Maya Angelou 4/4/1928 – 23/5/2014)

Come Home

My arms lie idly on my laps

Am at my wits end

My roof turned black with crows

Who seem to feed on my grief

My world is turned grey

All colour have fled

My beloved is estranged

Into the greasy arms of the wealthy landowner

Left me to sing my poems to the birds

O cruel maiden

You are no hollow boned bird

Who perches on the lightest twig

To reach the ripest berries

You weigh a tone and got no wings

But if you fall from grace

Come home I’ll be waiting

I chained the dog to the door post

But I won’t leave either

We are both prisoners of hope

Scavenging what is left of companionship

Come home I’ll be waiting

Don’t pick up the shiny silver coins

That lie beneath Judas’s dangling feet.




I did you wrong,

Sit down with me

Let’s thin that camel to a thread

And sew back together this cloak

The sun will soon set

And the cold night fast approaches

This cloak that we mend

Will be warmth over our joyful union

And shroud over dead sorrows

This broken stick shall sprout into bud

As long as there is still you

As long as there is still me

As long as there is still hope.

A wild concert

Come all you musical lovers

To the throbbing heart of the jungle

And surrender to your desires

Caress your stringed calabash

Fetch your tight drums from the sun

Wet your bamboo reed flutes ready.


Let your voices make love to the trees

Set all branches saps flowing

Let the leaves quiver in excitement

Dance with naked feet on the moist moss

Set the raging beast on its tracks

Be the panting prey and let it tear you open.


With eyes closed in sweet surrender

Let’s move with the peacock’s grace

And see the world through its a hundred eyes

Let’s whirl in mad ecstasy

And churn this butter of lusting love

I don’t mind drowning in such juicy quicksand


PS. Illustration painting By Lisete Alcalde