Earth Child.

Light up dear earth child

keep your smiles

holding hands go into the wild

singing together beat the miles

read sonnets by bonfire

arms around shoulders

watch smoke and sparks rise higher

gather around boulders

play the games of childhood

lie down facing up to the skies

savour every breath like food

and hold time that flies

for here is where living starts

look into oblivion breath out breath in

slowly shut your eyes to the stars

and shine from within.

Beauty and the madman

A glowing firefly she was

Trapped in a bottle to give light

To men who in darkness have lost their course

Hidden beauty to senseless delight


Then she met he who dances in the rain

With a genuine sweetness in his smile

That men only dream of and wake up to pain

How wonderful to be that free even for a while


He spoke the language of the wind to the tree

and was affectionate even at wits end

that from bottle trap did set the firefly free

The love of the madman was a rose de-thorned.


Remember me as I was.

I am leaving you the torch,

Don’t let it off like I did.

I am letting you out of the pouch,

Don’t keep the light hid.


I promised to keep the high road,

Instead from fellow men withdrew.

And now a tired old toad,

I leave you on account to start a new.


I gave everything to man,

But received nothing in return,

And so from this you should learn,

Give unconditionally and from hate turn.


This is the sound of agitation,

Saw myself become everything I despise;

Faint hearted, lost faith, lost imagination.

And now regret doesn’t suffice.


Thus I lived and thus I’ll die,

But the good I did was no loss,

So don’t think of the man that here lie,

But remember me as I was.