Dance For Me

Dance for me my dear

I will provide the music

I will strum my heartstrings

to the joy of your feet


Dance for me my dear

I will sing till my voice breaks

squeezing out melodies in pain

to the praise of the god in your waist


Dance for me my dear

I have abandoned the bottle

I am enthralled by your eyes

who needs a drink?

the wine is drunk on you


Dance for me

be raw be sensual and shameless

tear down your clothes like David

before my gaping kingdom


Dance off Salome at her own party

I will give you my severed head

slurring praises of your waist

upon a silver platter

Like a Potter’s Wheel

our nakedness together

changed me forever

like a potter’s wheel

we did spin and spin

and slowly came to form

wheel-thrown — playing God

and I clasped the round of her neck

spinning in the wheel

her waist came alive in my hand

and with all the clay left in me

forged her curving hips.


she modeled my heart

big out of its cage

setting it on burning kiln

now unchangeable

with her fingerprints.


I sit here now alone

wheel throwing moon jars

on these wound sheets I retrace

 the dimple on her left thigh

dipping my quill in a glass of wine

I write these drunken lines

Passing Storm

I went out into the woods

An expanse fresh air after rain

Sat on a stone under a pine tree

and pondered my wretched state

The soft winds wafted by

and I was drenched in teary showers

That awoke me from my pondered state

to unseat my chin from my palm.

Like the pining tree

Having been steadfast in the storm

Wept in the soft wind

After the storm is long gone

This too shall pass