There is no love in this City.

This city sucks out my energy

This city drains out my passion

Come to me my beloved

And save me from myself

From this terrible fire of un-channeled passion

When I got nothing else to write

no more song to sing

And no image for my canvas

I put all the passion in loving you

Without which I am consumed

Come to me my beloved

You are all that is home to me

Where the lake breeze fans my love

In you children run around in dirt and play

In you all familiar faces smile good morning

In your kiss the homemade meal

That which brings out the best in me

Come to me my beloved

There is no love in this city.


Painting Illustration by Mark Lloyd






Through the lenses of God

My alabaster jar of perfume is broken

Embrace me my friend

So I can smell as good as you

My goatskin pouch was stolen

Adorn me my friend

With jewels of ruby and Gold

For when the doves flee from the towers

As the church bell is rung

I’ll ask God to grant you my share of heaven

And if grief ever befalls your house

Let me share in your sorrow

We’ll weep together and refuse any comfort

For men are shepherds of their own hearts

And such are the ones whose names are revered

But whose acts are only known to God

Woe to those who colorfully flaunt their good deeds

But are devoid of any tinge of love

For when we peek through the lenses of God

They are all ripped off their glory

The ripe fig begins to burst

Stalks of wheat bend on their own weight

But the rocks that waves keep crushing

Are polished and unmoved

The clay that fire keeps scorching

Is hardened to magnificent beauty.

When we glance through the lenses of God

The mountains that seem like world’s end

Are just but green decorations

On the hem of sky’s beautiful blue dress

When we glance through the lenses of God

The hill ranges are like children holding hands towards the shore

As the ocean that is strong and immense

Kisses their feet.



My forever

How beautiful it is to love unconditionally

To be content with good will for another

To love for love’s sake

And speak truly without fear or expectation

That you are my forever

On account of my perpetual love

and not the  possession of your heart

shall I not have you for mine

then ages to come would say

“The hermit lived and died of love

With the wilderness around him

And her name in his tongue”

Or even if I had you at last

Between the last two breaths of my life

My soul would leave my body dancing.

And by jove shall I have you now

Then for eternity’s sake I promise thus

Through the years my lips shall dimple your cheeks

With affectionate kiss every day of your waking

Every day of my breathing

My immortal beloved

My other self

My forever.

Birth of Christ

A misty and calm evening dusk

Hopeless strides of tired donkey,

Staggering under the weight

Of mother and unborn

Across the busy streets of Bethlehem

Partying tenants

An innkeeper of hope

Steps and sighs upon marshy stable

Anxious groups of sheep short of patience

Shepherds around the corner

A source of wonder

Upon the starry skies

Joy of the future in gift of thanks

Groans and cries of mother in pain

Gathering darkness swooping bats out to work and play

As this world settles itself down

To dream a while before a new day

And at that dark our of the night

Christ was born.

My beloved is..

My beloved is a swimming fish

Cruising past the clasp of my empty hands

My beloved is the whirling wind

Upon which the words of my staggering tongue

are swept away to only live on paper


Her eyes a lake of liquid fire

In which I drown as I burn

And her graceful movement

Is the chain that locks every glance

To ever see her walk away


O might I see her everyday

To behold her perfect form for future dreams

And plead with my passions

To ease the sores of my tortured heart


O might I taste her lips of scarlet

That invites my fervent kiss

For once to a soul so devoid

of the rapture that is the kiss of love.

A world tilted on fire.

This world is tilted on fire

That has melted away all compassion

Goodness has gave out from the burns

From overwhelming joy to profound sadness

The infant’s milk is spilt

The old man’s staff is broke

The young girl’s skirt is torn.


Prophets foreseeing peace while fighting out

Spraying on us whisks dipped in blood

Chanting madness as change

Empty blessings of freedom.

Just like fruit loving kids

Hilltops reach for low hanging clouds

For the disappointment of sapless pods


You obsess on the law of the land

Appeasing selfish masters to world’s doom

What of the law of God?

What of compassion?

What of Goodness?

The world to fire tilts further

And slowly melts away

And just before you forsake all hope

A flowered weed sprouts from a stone wall.


When am with you

When am with you am lost

In the sparkle of your tears of joy

In the curve of your coy smile

In the tremble of your excited voice

And am lost for certain

In the silence between your breaths

As I chase your retreating lips for another kiss

My compass is broke.


When am with you am found

In the river currents kissing your feet

In the warmth of its rocky banks

In the waterfall sprays upon your face

In the delight of its constant rainbows

I am found for certain

In the roar of the rushing water

That savours your fading laughter.

If this isn’t paradise

Then I know not what is.