Sweet Redemption

O Love

It was dark and cold

You cleared the mist that hid my sun

Calmed the wind that flickered my flame

I was dead

Now I live

I was a prisoner

You set me free.


Come Home

My arms lie idly on my laps

Am at my wits end

My roof turned black with crows

Who seem to feed on my grief

My world is turned grey

All colour have fled

My beloved is estranged

Into the greasy arms of the wealthy landowner

Left me to sing my poems to the birds

O cruel maiden

You are no hollow boned bird

Who perches on the lightest twig

To reach the ripest berries

You weigh a tone and got no wings

But if you fall from grace

Come home I’ll be waiting

I chained the dog to the door post

But I won’t leave either

We are both prisoners of hope

Scavenging what is left of companionship

Come home I’ll be waiting

Don’t pick up the shiny silver coins

That lie beneath Judas’s dangling feet.




I did you wrong,

Sit down with me

Let’s thin that camel to a thread

And sew back together this cloak

The sun will soon set

And the cold night fast approaches

This cloak that we mend

Will be warmth over our joyful union

And shroud over dead sorrows

This broken stick shall sprout into bud

As long as there is still you

As long as there is still me

As long as there is still hope.

A wild concert

Come all you musical lovers

To the throbbing heart of the jungle

And surrender to your desires

Caress your stringed calabash

Fetch your tight drums from the sun

Wet your bamboo reed flutes ready.


Let your voices make love to the trees

Set all branches saps flowing

Let the leaves quiver in excitement

Dance with naked feet on the moist moss

Set the raging beast on its tracks

Be the panting prey and let it tear you open.


With eyes closed in sweet surrender

Let’s move with the peacock’s grace

And see the world through its a hundred eyes

Let’s whirl in mad ecstasy

And churn this butter of lusting love

I don’t mind drowning in such juicy quicksand


PS. Illustration painting By Lisete Alcalde





The passion of quest.

Stop the train am leaving

I don’t want to get there yet

I’ll take the long road

I’ll preserve the yearning

I’ll savour every mile

And feed the longing

I’ll be a tumbling weed

Spat out by the ground

A slave to the wind

Kicked around by wayfarers

This passion of quest

Leaves scars to show

And their stories to tell

This passion of quest

Is the lifeblood of my being

So stop the train please

The destination stop scares me

What awaits beyond satisfaction

Stop the train am leaving

Let me live a little

Give me the longing.

Divine Correspondence.


You stare at the vastness of the sky

It is blue only for you

But across it the magnificent birds that fly

Might be the vultures that one day gouges out your eyes

Make you stare down to eternal darkness.


You are born of the earth

And by you the earth is reborn

You are a grain of sand in its beaches

A strand of hair in its flawless tresses

One more colour in its string of beads

Leaves falling from the same tree

Pilling up on one another

And slowly seething into the soil.


The purple robe of royal

Is sheep wool dyed in shellfish blood

And that old friend loyal

A lump of incense on the same alter

That one time or another

Our fragrant smell will rise to the sky

Like sculptor wax we are melted to different forms

Each existing only but briefly.


This beauty can’t stand isolated from nature

So let the earth squeeze out your grapy goodness

And serve humanity the finest wine

Harvest happiness like standing stalks of corn

Raise your sweet voice to the total eclipse

Sing and bring back the sun.