Remember Me

I was the child left behind

on the way to school

for walking too slowly and carefully

 to avoid stepping on fallen cherry blossoms

wait for me  


and while my mother bent down

to do my shoe laces

I bent down too

and hugged her tired back

hold me


I gathered scraps of wood

and discarded cables

to assemble an homemade guitar

which made my fingers bleed

hear my song


I was angel Gabriel

in the nativity play

now am stretched out on a cross

by the side of Christ

begging for paradise

remember me!

Tambourine girl

We strayed from the band

Me and the tambourine girl

We heard their calls from a afar

Yet on we went

Deeper in to the dark forest

She danced ahead

Playing her tambourine

Her feet flickered

in the soft undergrowth

Her smile lit the way–

Urging me on.

My head was spinning

But my legs obeyed

Nantenya The Desert Rose.

Nantenya fair rose of Ombalantu

Can I accompany your gypsy soul?

You move with light feet and travel long,

With petals open wide pay homage to the sun.

You weather all and wither not.

At the touch of your sole

The desert blooms with a thousand fragrant flowers,

and all the winds come to bow at your feet.

Your footprints have stayed on the sand

against the strongest of storms,

To lead souls to to lakes of infinite life.

The mad camel takes a knee at your charms

and humps dune to dune to the orange horizon

Yet am here rooted in hope

Like the eternal baobab of Ombalantu

Seething water, seeking life,

With leaves above ground breathing hot desert air,

Waiting on your gracious touch.

Come seek shelter by me fair desert rose,

I’d uproot my eternal trunk off the ground

To walk the world with you.

The wanderer’s mission.

A voice whispered in the night

And with assuring command bid me leave

I adamant continued my sleep

And in the quiet of dawn

A Churning whirlwind passed by

Nothing remains of my hut.


Now I wander in the woods

Enjoying odor of fresh pine

Spilling dew off flowers

Now I wander the grazing fields

Waking the little shepherd boy

Who has fallen fast asleep

On the back of a grazing ox

Now I wander in desolate homesteads

Receiving alms of food and drink

And back on my way again

Undressing the cob in haste

Just to savour it a grain per mile.


So I’ll wander on riding on kindness,

Till I have built a warm hut in every heart,

For all wanderers coming after.

Then the churning whirlwind will come again

And clear all sorrows away

Then the whisper in the night

Will call me back home.



PS; Illustration is a picture yours truly hehe.