Ode of sorrow

The old rusty church bells chimes

Summoning teary mourners

Grieving the death of my joy

A requiem mass of my own composition

Don’t talk to me of cheer

Tether away happy thoughts

On the edge of a grand canyon


Here I am scrolled in a ball

By my lonesome fireplace

Mourning memories lost in past fires

Rebuking ghosts dancing in the flames

Away with you painted faces

I have no fear to feed you.

For me and happiness are estranged lovers

And now I got nothing to lose

Free from the burden of choice

Found sorrow a more faithful company


Leaves are falling all around

Drying in the back alleys

In the dark corners

Where like forbidden lovers

I and joy once conversed without words

I shall gather the dried leaves

And cremate my diseased bliss

Urn its pale ashes

Place it in keen watch

And pray it were phoenix




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