Dont’ think me mad

Don’t think me mad

When I stand with sleepy eyes

Inhaling the passing breeze

Or when I stop amid our journey

To roll on the shaded afternoon grass

Marveling at its benefactors large trunk

Trying to seek its apex

Shielding my eyes from the sun


Don’t think me crazy

I beg of you

When I try counting colours on a parrot

Or the stripes on a raging beast

Or when I stay late in the night

Freezing water just to see it thaw

Lighting candles just to watch them burn


Don’t think me insane

When I lunge myself to the depths of Victoria

To swim with the best of them

Bear with me my friend

I know no better

And I know no worthier living


You complain days without end

How life has been cruel to you

Yet by the road to your gate

Wild fruits drop to rot

And you question my sanity

When with outstretched arms I ran

To embrace the bosom of Mother Nature


Go on ahead my friend

I will join you down the road

When this squirrel notices my gaze

And leaps to bushes beyond.




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