Lakeside ballads.

The thankless pauper. ( Nyamgondho Kombare)

Riches come with cause it is said

Hard work must also be paid

Poverty made him tremble and shake

Till the day he was rescued by the fairy from the lake.


A bride he got without paying dowry

Casting away all the doubts and worry

Thanks to the warm welcome and kindness

He showed to the lake goddess


His home took custody of different possessions

He forgot the source and took to riches obsession

When finally came the fateful day

No changing mind she was on her way


She led the riches back to her swirling origin

There he stood at the margin

Begging and watching the livestock disappear

Back to oblivion never again to reappear


He pondered on the sight in despair

From hero to zero because of a broken pair

Lake, wife, riches, misfortunes come in three

Ungratefulness turned him to a pondering tree


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