I saw her today.

Word came across the hills and plains

That life had smiled upon my beloved

That she was swinging the world by the tail

And from the caves of precious stones

A husband molded of Gold and fire

And I a thousand miles yonder

With only good will and rhyme

My desired love married to fortune

But I saw her today

Or I thought I did

For before my eyes was a caricature

Of what she once was.

Misery all over her aged stature

Time must run fast in her world

Or marriage strike with an ageing potion

Did the caves of precious stones crumble?

And gold faded to dirt?

And beauty withered with it?

Her hair once long and black

Now stunted, brown from dust and toil

But in her eyes she was once beautiful

There was promise in her smile

That still rose beyond the misery

And there shone before my eyes

The tempting slumbers of nostalgia

If I could relive the past

I would beseech the gods

Make me puppeteer of her heart.


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