My troubled dreams.

Am not talking of my day dreams
those I would talk of the whole day
with a big smile on my face
I am talking about those that creeps in the dark
the blurred images that come and go
like waves kissing the shore and retreating
those dreams that steal away my peaceful sleep
the faceless creatures that make my little delights sit and weep
How could I possibly fly without wings
why would my dreams set so high a standard
why would they mock my keenest desires
They know so well how I would love to fly
to be one with the clouds, to be free
how I would love to travel the ends of earth
to speak the language of eagles
to sing the song of nightingales
why would I think of myself a lion
yet am devoured by one in my sleep
why would I think of myself a poet
yet I can’t grasp the words I mumble in dreamland
a singer yet I cant even hear my own screams
an artist yet I would be scared out of my wits
if I painted the vivid images of my dreams
I laugh out so loud with my friends at day
yet am afraid to close my eyes in my bed at night
Afraid of what would come when I can no longer bear weight of my lids
why would I fear what is not alien to me
so helpless against the dread of my own dreams
they scorn the desires closest to my heart
the very foundations of my serene solitude
they throw it to my face
how weak I am, how mildly I yield.
She dances gayly with
alluring smile
My Immortal Beloved
I sleep at one side of my bed
believing she will lay down beside me in the other
how many times have I walked with her along the shores
wadding our naked feet on the sand just in the edge of water
only to wake up finding my blanket wasn’t just long enough to cover my feet.
how many times have I felt her tender touch along my spine
her coy whispers on my ears like moist breeze
the feeling of her soft ruby lips on my neck
only to wake up on an aching back
born of my crooked bed
dry mouth from my last night’s empty jars
why should morning be such a torment
one morning I curse that it was just a dream
and another I thank God it was just a dream
what troubles me is how helpless I am against them
they keep coming to me
n I just can’t help it
they scorch me with the heat of my burning desires
like a bird with broken wings in the depths of a dry well
you can only indulge in its sweet sorrowful singing
but can not do anything to help it
so I sing with the pain that solitude causes me
And I pray I would forever only dream with my eyes open


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