Full with sap of life a tender seedling

with great anticipation for eternal living

blown by wind to this vast savanna

will she grow to an acacia, baobab or banana

Within the eyes of mine she adds her stature

as I sing the still sad song of nature

For my endangered dreams like her tendrils grow

an innocent bloom that which among despair  grow

you bring beauty and hope to me my child

I pledge to protect you from this world so wild

Though I a virtuous populace with no might

I’ll stand a wall of fire for natures right

Behold I see some of your kin over there

they have heard and trusted in my care

My desolate soul is softened by your companionship

And I obliged to repay the bounty of our friendship

Should I build for you a room

to prevent you from your imminent doom

with axes they will come to claim your breath

for me; there is no greater evil than pain and death

The sun no longer scorn my back

the once bare savanna has become a park

the once sun burnt face now a bright image

with wrinkles of happiness and old age

You are my source of pride and joy I cant prevent

for whom  my warmest wish to heaven is sent

the clouds shed tears of joy in your command

to console my burning throat at its demand

Behold a big black beautiful ebony ancestor of a tree nation

underneath thee I sit and watch your vast generation

a monument of accomplished dreams and good will

though deprived of strength by time I love thee still

And I say; fortunes exist under the soil

the only key and way is strife and toil

to uncover the underneath chest of treasure

so in future years to enjoy the pleasure

I would but I dont have much to give

as I dont have much time on earth to live

but am going to account to my creator without gloom

and I pray you dont follow me too soon.



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