The Old Timer

The nostalgic look of the old timer

I was there, and am here now

I was there in the tales of old

I manned the oars in Odyssey’s fleet

Exited breaths held in the Trojan hoarse

The delighted faces on the spoils of war

I fought side by side with Alexander the great

When we crossed Indus River into India

He was more than a man he was a god

Or anything close than I have ever known

I was playing a flute in the streets of Rome

On the triumphant entry of Emperor Caesar

And I joined tears with Mark Anthony

When he was viciously slain at the capitol

And I say there has never been

A friendship as sincere as Mark Anthony’s

And when Cleopatra lay on his arms in Alexandria

No love as pure

I laid the last marble brick on the Taj Mahal

A monument many a man holds in their hearts

Sha Jahan’s immortal souvenir

And when we lost our way to that beautiful land

I was Columbus’s bottler, I was there

We braved the waves, the grace of the Santa Maria

I remember every detail of it

When all around the horizon was water and sky

A continuous shade of blue, the scare of the unknown

The fresh sigh of land in sight

And when we robbed Napoleon of his glory in Waterloo

I was a soldier under the command of Wellington

The foul smell of dead bodies

The sour taste of French sweat and blood

Couldn’t surpass the sweet taste of victory

And when I couldn’t show the same valor

At Gettysburg during the American civil war

I deserted at imminent victory of the North

My long journey south to Georgia

Crossing cold forests and mountains of North Carolina

I couldn’t continue fighting for a course I didn’t believe in

But I believed in love

And so in Georgia my sweetheart awaited

And that same faith in saw crushed at Auschwitz

When winter cold stung my skin at roll call

The horror my sunken eyes beheld

I survived to see the day of liberation

Just when victory seemed like a dream

And when we fought for freedom in the forests

Unshaven hair and beards in rebellion

To drive out the white man from Africa

And now I see the fruits of that struggle

I have lived a long life my son

Seen many a great man born and die

No man has his feet more firmly planted on earth

Or sees things clearer as day than I do

Just like the great cedar of Lebanon

Just like the lion of Judah

From where I stand I see Zion.


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