Angels Were Here

When my travels of this world are done

When my trip to the next world is near

I shall meet friends and souls long gone

And I’ll tell them angels were here.

When the hard stone of imminent death is my pillow

My dream of angel ladders to and from heaven

When I shall lay beneath the cool shades of the willow

Memories of her caring wings shall be my haven.

I shall not think of bright winged creatures unseen

Halos and blinding dazzles of white

I’ll be glad I was raised by an angelic being

With same grace, pure heart and a smile of radiant light

Even if my soul shall soar beyond the clouds

Finding no pearly gates and streets of gold

No singing cherubim and seraphim gathered in crowds

She had sang to me before stretching my bedding fold

Even if my sunset voyage leads to hades

If I miss the heaven’s buffet feast

For righteous gentlemen and ladies

My lifetime meals were made by an angel from the east.

Your story should be of the same kind

You wouldn’t say these are lies

That you have never seen an angel, are you blind?

just look into your mother’s eyes

Just look into your mothers eyes.

Art poem illustration by me @pencil on paper


18 thoughts on “Angels Were Here

  1. Angels were here,dats awesome bro…….so true,our life tyme meals were made y the angels from the east(mama).
    nice article bro.


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