Shadows Of Starlight

Down the dark night dome of earth

Are ecstatic eyes looking up to the sky

Where lies the heavenly Milky Way

The joy of the ancient mariner

The faith of the indigenous believer

A mystery to the Egyptian astrologer

The dreamland of the Hindu lover

So much vast beauty yet so far

And even much more beauty lurks in its shadows

The calmness and peace of a sleeping child

And when the mother kisses it goodnight

And when two hearts meet in the dark

And he sees the stars in her eyes

Confessions made at a close range

Low whispers, secret joy, secret smiles

And the sweet vulnerability that comes with it

And when crickets serenade the earth

And the earth stands still to listen

Quiet and calm in silent submission

And the meadows marvel with tears of dew

The shores of earth awash with dreams

Now a dart of red now a dart of blue

And the dreams breathed in their light comes true

I gaze at this irresistible glow

That casts the most beautiful of shadows

And I see this one radiant star

I swear I have seen her tread the face of earth

A star bright yet a woman too

She has cast a shadow of serenity in my soul

And lit a fire of passion in my heart.


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