Another world

As after the rain

when drops of it gather

in the funnel of a violet

in that dewy hue I have seen

A fair nymph clad in vines

Riding on an ivory chariot

Drawn by sea monsters

Holding reins of stringed pearls

Upon her brow a wreath

Of ever blooming buds of violets

And above her head a chandelier of sapphires

Hanging from the lilac sky

Do I see the world as I ought?

Have I seen another world?

O what turbulent bliss!




I won’t cry.

My eyes are as dry as ever

No approaching storm in these balls

I won’t cry I won’t shade no tear

I have no passion to waste

No tears to feed the ground.


You vex days without end asking

Why does he smile so much

Ever so happy and gay

Is he untouched by sorrow?

O mad unfeeling wretch


Every heart needs a bone to gnaw

Mine is passion put to use

My strings will do the weeping

I will play with such passion and sadness

It would break the nightingale’s heart.


My pen will shade the tears

Words of such grief and beauty

That no reading tongue could utter

My prayers fly to God

And my sole duty remains

Turning ugly pain to useful beauty.


Sound of Good Morning

Dejected and tired folks walk by

Chilly morning bugs under the eye

Some riding in buses tired and half asleep

A new day with new troubles

And there on the side walks

A blind man strums his guitar

Giving the sound of a beautiful day

That flashes out the bugs

With a gleam of joy

And wakes up the sleeping with amazement

Singing from the heart is his trade

Every morning to keep the people alive

He can’t see the gratitude in our faces

But can hear the chink of coins

Come on good sir, drop him a coin

And carry the a tune in your heart

To last you the day

And enjoy each moment for each moment’s sake