We shall dance.

We shall dance

In pomp and colour

On dust and grass

The sun shall silver the black of our bare backs

Our swaying heads adorned

With largest ostrich feathers

Our stomping feet with ankle bells

The drums will be our heartbeat

We shall shake our feathered shoulders

The horns will blow us away

Africa will be thick in the air

We shall break shackles of modernity

With a tremble that shakes the ground

setting bugs fleeing to their holes

To call on our ancestors and tell them

That we haven’t forgotten the moves of Ramogi.





Fort of lost souls

In the fort where souls came and went

There my desires found rest

And my soul longed for God

Like a rotting boat in rustling reed longs for the sea

In this fort of lost souls the entombed came to life

Dancing as their shrouds of linen were unwound

I abandoned wayward strengths of past life

And now I have calmness to live in such word

I take joy in the quiet of my tiny farmhouse

All past pride smashed in the rocks

And like chaff scattered in the wind


I have gone through this fort

And now shy leaves shrink from me no more

The swallow nests on my hair

The sun draws water from my skin

And pours it down as rain on the land

blades of grass cut through clay crust

At dawn to await the morning sun

In the jasmine valley where I run to

In the sweet fragrance where I meet God in secret

You ask me about the fort and I try to answer

But my tongue sticks on the roof of my mouth

So here I write what it did to me

And read it by my a million candles

For I couldn’t weep until I wrote this.


Never again.

Streaks of salt born of past tears

On faces that swear between deep sighs

That never again

Never again shall we ignore

The gentle drizzle that announces a storm

Push with violence on an open door

Never again shall we cut down

What was raised with our own sweat and blood

Never again shall we pour out

feeble drops of life collected to strength over ages.


But then the thread breaks

And then never dies

And again comes around as ever

Senseless death and destruction

Over the ambition of great men

And again forgets never.


What if we empty what is full of spite

And fill what is empty of love

Use our machetes to clear weeds of hate

And sow seeds of love

With this our hope is painted on the horizon

Then never shall reign forever

And again shall die of thirst

With no tears to drink on

And the god they killed in us shall come alive.

Beauty and the madman

A glowing firefly she was

Trapped in a bottle to give light

To men who in darkness have lost their course

Hidden beauty to senseless delight


Then she met he who dances in the rain

With a genuine sweetness in his smile

That men only dream of and wake up to pain

How wonderful to be that free even for a while


He spoke the language of the wind to the tree

and was affectionate even at wits end

that from bottle trap did set the firefly free

The love of the madman was a rose de-thorned.


Unanswered pain of a dying moth.


A darkness is descending over me

I am a big moth on dwindling candlelight

Drowning in hot wax in pursuit of light

How can it be light and darkness at the same time?

Will I ever escape this?

Is the unanswered pain of a dying moth.

Say anything to cover this silence

Sing that hymn you always hum

Repeat to me my mama’s words

Put on your white dress, I like it

Don’t weep for me just yet

I have no tears to share with you

I have seen another world

I want to meet it in absolute calmness like Christ did

Be one with the divine spirit of God

Whose immortal body earth is

to dwell together in many forms of nature

Descend from the sky a fat drop of rain

Scatter careless on the blades of some grass

To a dozen other drops of infinite life.


There is no love in this City.

This city sucks out my energy

This city drains out my passion

Come to me my beloved

And save me from myself

From this terrible fire of un-channeled passion

When I got nothing else to write

no more song to sing

And no image for my canvas

I put all the passion in loving you

Without which I am consumed

Come to me my beloved

You are all that is home to me

Where the lake breeze fans my love

In you children run around in dirt and play

In you all familiar faces smile good morning

In your kiss the homemade meal

That which brings out the best in me

Come to me my beloved

There is no love in this city.


Painting Illustration by Mark Lloyd





Through the lenses of God

My alabaster jar of perfume is broken

Embrace me my friend

So I can smell as good as you

My goatskin pouch was stolen

Adorn me my friend

With jewels of ruby and Gold

For when the doves flee from the towers

As the church bell is rung

I’ll ask God to grant you my share of heaven

And if grief ever befalls your house

Let me share in your sorrow

We’ll weep together and refuse any comfort

For men are shepherds of their own hearts

And such are the ones whose names are revered

But whose acts are only known to God

Woe to those who colorfully flaunt their good deeds

But are devoid of any tinge of love

For when we peek through the lenses of God

They are all ripped off their glory

The ripe fig begins to burst

Stalks of wheat bend on their own weight

But the rocks that waves keep crushing

Are polished and unmoved

The clay that fire keeps scorching

Is hardened to magnificent beauty.

When we glance through the lenses of God

The mountains that seem like world’s end

Are just but green decorations

On the hem of sky’s beautiful blue dress

When we glance through the lenses of God

The hill ranges are like children holding hands towards the shore

As the ocean that is strong and immense

Kisses their feet.